Aerials; North Platte Valley & Boulder's Flatirons Collection

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This collection is of Aerial Photographs taken of the North Platte River Valley between the Colorado border and about 10 miles north of Saratoga, Wyoming and between the west side of the Snowy Mountains and the eastern edge of the Red Desert and Sierra Madre Mountains. Photos were taken in August, 2009 for 6 different environmental organizations in the region, to create an aerial record of the North Platte Valley as it existed at that time.

There are straight forward environmental images, and some real fun abstract landscape vignettes.

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Small Creek Meanders Thru Bottomland West of Saratoga, 390803_013Two Ribbons of Green Through the Dry Desert, 390803_068Dry Creeks; Like Fish Bones Attached to its Spine, 390803_071Shrubs LIne Arroyo Through Dry Desert, 390803_096Arroyos Separate Gentle Desert Ridges, 390803_129Meandering Stream, Willows Create Abstract, 390803_224390803_236Encampment River Meanders thru its Wetlands, 390803_362Ranch Complex, Meandering Stream, Small Hay Fields, 390803_021North Platte River Flood Plain & Imposing Sheep Rock, 390803_047Sheep Rock Cliffs Above The North Platte River, 390803_058Sheep Rock Cliffs Above The North Platte River, 390803_059Miller Hill and Atlantic Rim, 390803_074Erosion on Miller Hill\'s Northern Rim, 390803_075Erosion on Miller Hill\'s Northern Rim, Atlantic Rim, 390803_078Teton Reservoir and the Atlantic Rim, 390803_079Eastern Ridges of Sheep Mountain, 390803_083Emigrant Creek and Teton Reservoir, 390803_085Teton Reservoir & Atlantic Rim, 390803_086Erosion Patterns on Low Rolling Hills, Atlantic Rim Beyond, 390803_097Sheep Mountain & Natural Desert Lake, 390803_113Pine Beetle Kill-off; Sierra Madre Mountains. & Foothills, 390803_141Pine Beetle Kill-off; Sierra Madre Mtns. &Foothills, 390803_144Stream Cuts Through Sierra Madre Foothills, 390803_149Beetle Kill of Pines; Sierra Madre Mtns. &Foothills, 390803_152Riparian Zone Spreads into Irrigated Farmland, 390803_157Cutting Hay In RIch Bottomland, Barren Hills, 390803_158Big Creek Ranch East of Sierra Madre Mountains, 390803_239Big Creek Ranch East of Sierra Madre Mountains, 390803_240Ranch Complex along Banks of North Platte River, 390803_390A Subdivision Outside Saratoga Wyoming, 390803_402Large Home Hugs a Cliff Above the North Platte River, 390803_433Large Home Hugs a Cliff Above the North Platte River, 390803_436Flatirons Lit by a Pre-dawn Sky, 401106A_016Flatirons Lit by a Pre-dawn Sky, 401106A_027Flatirons Lit by a Pre-dawn Sky, 401106A_032Flatiron Lit By Very Early Morning Sunlight, 401106A_035Flatiron Lit By Very Early Morning Sunlight, 401106A_038Flatiron Lit By Very Early Morning Sunlight, 401106A_042Longs Peak & Never Summer Range, Very Early Sunlight, 401106A_046Longs Peak & Mount Meeker, Very Early Sunlight, 401106A_057Flatiron Lit By Very Early Morning Sunlight, 401106A_097National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), 401106A_049

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