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The portraits in this collection include senior pictures and other retail portraits, a few fashion and commercial photographs and images from photo sessions for the Ellbogen Foundation's "You and Your Baby" and "You and Your Toddler" parenting assistance book series.

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Each of the images in this collection is CURRENTLY not available for sale, lease, or for use of any kind outside this web site. However, if you have an interest in using any images in this collection for any purpose, including as a piece of Framed Fine Art, please contact me via dan@haywardphoto.com or phone 307 742-6307. Thank You.

Dustin_20Dustin_52Dustin_69Dustin_80Dustin & Tyler_44Dustin and Tyler_50Tyler_71Matt_10Matt-22Thet_03Thet_19Thet_26Thet_31Thet_32Thet_37Thet_61Ellbogen;  Girl with Doll_11Ellbogen;  Girl with Doll_18Ellbogen; Girl Playing Telephone_23Ellbogen; Girl Playing Telephone_34Ellbogen; Grandpa Reading a Story to Little Girl_61Ellbogen; Girl in Rocking Chair_82Ellbogen;  Dad Holding Tiny Baby_06Ellbogen;  Dad Holding Tiny Baby as She Yawns_04Ellbogen;  Dad Holding Tiny Baby_43Ellbogen;  Dad Holding Tiny Baby_44Ellbogen;  Young Boy with Mom and Puppett_04Ellbogen;  Young Boy with Mom and Puppett_12Ellbogen;  Young Boy Countingt with Mom_23Freckled Boy\'s Smiling Head ShotYoung Woman Modeling Head ShotYoung Woman Sitting on Granite RocksYoung Woman  Posing next to Stucco Wall

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