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These fashion photographs are shots I've taken through my career for fashion jobs, for models' portfolios and for my own portfolio.

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Each of the images in this collection is CURRENTLY not available for sale, lease, or for use of any kind outside this web site. However, if you have an interest in using any images in this collection for any purpose, including as a piece of Framed Fine Art, please contact me via or phone 307 742-6307. Thank You.

Female Model\'s Head Shot, in Sepia ToneYoung Woman Modeling Head Shot_001Freckled Boy\'s Smiling Head ShotYoung Girl\'s Head ShotYoung Model Sitting and Holding Pepsi CanMale Model in Tuxedo next to a Lear JetFemale Model Lit by Filtered Sunlight through Stained Glass WindowsMale Model Watching Female Model Among Large PillarsLegs; Studio Shot of Female Model\'s Legs as Wind Blows Her Skirt OpenFemale Model in Light Summer Dress Next to RiverFemale Model Sitting in Grass Field, Wearing Light Summer DressFemale in Swimsuit, Lying In Silky GrassFemale Model at Rail FenceFemale Model Posing next to Stucco WallFemale Model Posing with Her Horse In English Riding ClothesShirtless Cowboy Male Model with Lanyard next to Rail FenceFemale Model in Shorts and Knit Summer Shirt Sitting on Granite RocksFemale Model in Red Suede Top, Large Necklace and Featherd HairHead Shot of Female Model in Feathered Hair and BoaHead Shot of Female Model with Asian Make-up and WIld HairFemale and Male Models Posing in Wheat FieldFemale and Male Models Posing in Wheat FieldTwo Female Models Posing in Wheat FieldTwo Female Models Posing in Wheat FieldOne Female Model Posing in Wheat FieldFemale Model In Very Early Sunlight on a WWII P51 Mustang FighterMale Model In Very Early Sunlight on a WWII P51 Mustang FighterMale Model Standing on the Wing, Holding his HelmetMale and Female Models Looking At Maps by the WingMale and Female Models Looking At Maps, Female Sitting on the Wing

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