Snowy Mountains & Browns Peak, Wyoming Collection

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Photographs of the Snowy Mountain Range and Browns Peak are from a number of shoots in various seasons and weather conditions and different vantage points. Browns Peak is part of the Snowy Mountains, which are west of Laramie in Southeast Wyoming. Notice that there are several shots of the Snowies with Old Main Peak, and of Browns Peak, that were shot from the same vantage point but documenting different seasons and conditions.

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Tundra, Sugarloaf, Medicine Bow Peak, Browns Peak, 400801_057Old Main Peak, Green Early August Foreground, 400801_022Swimming Polly-Wog Snow Bank & Other Snow Bank, 400801_020Sugarloaf with Old Main and Medicine Bow Peaks, 400801_070Snowies with the Zirkles in the BackgroundBrowns Peak & Libby Lake in the Snowy Mountains, 400801_060Browns Peak and Libby Lake in the Snowy Mountains, 068_BevDayBrowns Peak, Tundra, Conifer Krumholtz Formation, 4Pan350814_Browns Peak, Marsh Flowers, Next To Sugarloaf, VertBrowns Peak & Boulder Field, 2PanBrowns Peak in Late June, 06-23-2010Browns Peak, Tundra, Krumholtz, Green Foliage, 400801_028Termination Dust on Browns Peak, 2002Termination Dust on Old Main Peak, 2002Termination Dust on the Snowies, Pond_03Snowy Mountains Panorama with Pond and Clouds, 048BevDaySnowy Mountains Panorama with Pond and Clouds, 019_BevDayShort  Panorama, Old Main Peak, Snowies, Pond, Clouds, 039_BevDaySnowy Mountains From the Right Of Ice Pond, 056_BevDaySugarloaf Mountain, Ice Pond In Snowy Mountains on Bev\'s Day, 031Sunrise with Fog & the Snowy Mountains, 330926_02Snowy Mountain Range at Dawn, the Setting Full Moon, 371124_08Snowy Mountain Range at Dawn, the Setting Full Moon, 371124_01Winter Solstice Eve Sunrise on Sheep Mountain, 371221_19Sheep Mountain From Hgw 130, Lake Cabin, Easter Sunday, 2004Dead Dog Bicycle Racers, Old Main & Medicine Bow Peaks, 370623_048Old Main Peak & Libby Flats, Krumholz, 371116_01Medicine Bow Peak & Sugarloaf in Foreground, 360624_067Old Main Peak, Mid-June, Snow, 01_5VPanThe Diamond Mid-June, Snow, 04 3VPanSnow Slides Below Snowy Mountains 14 3VPSnow Fieldes below Medicine Bow Peak 17Near-Full Moon, Snowy Mountains, Morning, Hrz-2-25Near-Full Moon, Snowy Mountains, Morning, Vertical

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