Colorado’s Exceptional SAN LUIS VALLEY Collection

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This is the extraordinary San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado.

Photographs in this collection include America's newest National Park, the GREAT SAND DUNES NATIONAL PARK, a large, free-roaming BISON HERD that lives on 50,000 acres of unfenced Valley prairie on the Zapata/Medano Conservation Ranches, the majestic SANGRE de CRISTO MOUNTAIN Range, the small town of SAGAUCHE and other areas in the Valley.

Additional special Valley attractions include the SHRIVER/WRIGHT STATE WILDLIFE AREA where over 20,000 Greater SANDHILL CRANES and WHOOPING CRANES stop for weeks to fatten up for their migrations north each spring and south each fall, VALLEY VIEW NATURAL HOT SPRINGS, an ALLIGATOR RANCH, a UFO (yes, unidentified flying object) viewing platform, the artistic and spiritual town of CRESTONE, the HISTORIC Hispanic town of SAN LUIS that was founded in 1851 and the RIO GRANDE RIVER.

The immense SAN JUAN MOUNTAIN RANGE boarders the Valley on the west and the ancient TAOS PUEBLO lies some 90 miles south of Alamosa Colorado, around 50 miles into New Mexico.

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Hawk Roosting in a TreeHawk Roosting in a Tree (Horizontal)Bison Silhouette Close-up, and Sun FlowerBison Silhouetted in Late Afternoon Daylight: 044Group of Bison Silhouetted in Dust and Late Day Sun: 062Four Bison Facing Me in Semi-Circle: F-227Two Bison Bulls and one Cow Facing Toward Me:  229Two Bison Bulls & One Cow. One Bull Towering Over the Cow :  230Small Group of Large Bison Herd on Prairie.  252Bison Bull Standing Over Bison Calf.  281An Oddly Shaped Rock Outcrop with Thin Crescent Cloud: HorizontalAn Oddly Shaped Rock Outcrop with Thin Crescent Cloud:  VerticalSaguache Resident with his Dog Outside Building in the Small TownSunlight Crowning over the Saguache Crescent BuildingSmall Downtown Sagauche, Colorado.Log Building on the Historic Zapata Ranch: HorizontalLog Building on the Historic Zapata Ranch: VerticalLog Building on the Historic Zapata Ranch, Great Sand Dunes BeyondDunes at the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Medano Creek: 153Panorama of Dunes & Medano Creek at Great Sand Dunes Nat. Park: 146Panorama of Dunes & Medano Creek at Great Sand Dunes Nat. Park: 173Panorama of Dunes & Medano Creek at Great Sand Dunes Nat. Park: 184Panorama of Dunes & Medano Creek at Great Sand Dunes Nat. Park: 181Zen Tree

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