Spanish Mustangs: A Breed Remaining True to its Past: Collection

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All horses pictured in this collection are Spanish Mustangs from the Star Flower and the Cayuse Brislawn Ranches in Northern Wyoming. The Brislawn’s began their herd in the 1940’s by acquiring mares from Charlie Williams who brought them from the Crow Indian Reservation west of the Brislawn's ranches and by bringing wild Spanish Mustang studs to the ranches from the Lookcliff Mountains in eastern Utah. Other stock was acquired from the Monte Holebrook family.

The Brislawn’s domesticated Spanish Mustangs are descendents from the original Spanish Mustangs brought to the New World by the Conquistidors, and are now more pure and truly different from today's "wild mustangs" roaming across the American West. Numerous other horse breeds have been introduced into these these somewhat free roaming herds, diluting their true Mustang bloodlines.

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Early Morning Sunlight on the Brislawn Ranch\'s Rolling Hills Early Morning Sunlight Across Valley From Small Herd of Stallions Morning View to the East of Devil\'s Tower & Missouri ButtesOne Foal Watches Me, the Other Cries & Stallion ScoldsOne Foal Scuffles With a Stallion While Second Foal Watches MeFoal Watches Me, Behind Protection: 0163Foal Checks Me Out as I Photograph Him/Her: 01684 Mustangs Across Valley, Intently Watching Something... & Me: 0024 Buckskin Mustangs on Gentle Slope: 03-3-0338 Mustangs running Along the Bottom of a Shallow Valley: 063Small Mustang Herd Running Along a Hillside: 03_3_070_73_2PanTipi Ring on the Star Flower Brislawn Ranch: 03-4-008The Star Flower Brislawn Ranch Headquarters:  03_4_011Lone Stallion on a Hillside, Lone Cow Laying Down: 03_4_023Lone Stallion on a Hillside: 03_4_026Small Mustang Herd Stands Above a Small Gully:  03_4_04210 Mustangs In a Row On Hillside, 8 Looking Down the Hill: 03_4_055An Outside Stallion Checked By Herd Member: 03_4_060A Second Stallion Checks the Unfamiliar Stud Out, Too: 03_4_082_2PanAn Outside Stud & 2 Members of Bachelor Herd Get Acquainted: 03_4_085Third Herd Member Checks Out the Outsider: 03_4_088Four Bachelor Herd Members Check Out Outsider: 03_4_08911 Studs In Line Facing Into Wind: 03_5_022The White (Head Stud) Begins to Leave Herd Toward Me: 03_5_033The White Gets Closer To Me. The Black Comes Toward Me Too: 03_5_0038The Black Boldly Passes The White In Approaching Me: 03_5_039Black Stud Inches Closet To Me. Rest Of Herd Behind: 03_5_041Red Roan Joins Black In Investigating Me: 03_5_0505 Stallions Checking Me Out, Close-up: 03_5_063Close Up of Red Roan in very Late Sunlight: 03_1_046Two Mustangs Run Along Ridge Top, Silhouetted Against Sunset: 03_1_110White Mustang Stallion In the Early Twilight: 03_1_128White Mustang Stallion Grazes In the Early Twilight: 03_1_140White Mustang Stallion Stands In the Early Twilight: 03_1_142White Mustang Stallion Stands In the Early Twilight: 03_1_145

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