30 Hours, 155 Miles of Dirt Roads through Wyoming's Red Desert Collection

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This is a collection of photographs I shot in the Northern Red Desert in south-central Wyoming, including the northern desert's main attractions of desert elk, wild horses, hawks, pictographs, the Killpecker Sand Dunes and the wondrously and brightly colored Honeycomb Buttes and Joe Hay Rim. The Red Desert is the largest fenceless area in the lower 48 states, it supports the largest US desert elk herd, Wyoming's largest wild horse herd and North America's longest active (moving) sand dunes, which are second only to the massive Sahara Desert.

The area’s dramatically eroded strata are lake sediments of laminated limestone, mudstone, and volcanic ash that are part of the Green River Formation. These striking layers were deposited by the enormous Lake Goshute that covered the region 50 million years ago.

This was my first trip into the Red Desert interior, despite longing to, and attempts to make the trip since 1995. Over part of July 7 and 8, 2012, 10 of us spent 30-hours and 155 miles on dirt roads, in the desert itself. The excursion was led by Erik Molvar, Executive Director of the Laramie-based Biodiversity Conservation Alliance (BCA), who sponsored the excursion.

The trip’s timing was perfect!! It had rained as recent as 24 hours before our arrival in the desert, which kept dust to a minimum, held much of the sand from blowing (and ruining camera gear etc.) and left the desert air clear and bright, keeping haze to a minimum.

Yet, enough moisture remained in the air and in the outer layers of the region’s badlands to vividly show the wide variety of colored layers in the Honeycomb Buttes and eroded edges of adjoining buttes and plateaus, including the Bush and Joe Hay Rims. The usual dry air and soils of July and August make the multi-colored strata muted and subtle, but the rain’s lingering moisture in the air and soils deepened the badlands’ tones making their layers vibrant, dark and very colorful!!! It was Perfect!!

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Perched Ferruginous Hawk in the Northeastern Red DesertWhite Mountain Sandstone Cliff Face with Pictographs & Birthing StoneBirthing Rock & Pictographs at White MountainPictographs at White Mountain, 002Pictographs on White Mountain, 008Pictographs on White Mountain, 021Pictographs on White Mountain, 023Ripples & Plants in the Sand at the Killpecker Sand Dunes: 070Ripples & Plants in Killpecker Sand Dunes, Boars Tusk Beyond: 090Ripples & Plants in Killpecker Sand Dunes, Boars Tusk Beyond: 091Ripples & Plants in Killpecker Sand Dunes: 111Group Braves the wind in the Killpecker Sand Dunes: 056Pano of Group On Tall Killpecker Sand Dune: 067Clouds Mimic Sand Dune at Steamboat MountainSmall Wild Horse Band, South Table MountainDesert Sandstone Formations Below Steamboat MountainJack Morrow Creek just below Confluence with Parnell Creek.Oregon Buttes, Important Landmark along Oregon Trail2 People on Colorful Slope of Brush Rim. Joe Hay Rim is BehindPano of 2 People on Colorful Brush Rim Slope. Joe Hay Rim BehindJoe Hay Rim Seen From Bush Rim Slope Below Oasis Camp2-track Crosses Red Layer of Bush Rim, Joe Hay Rim Beyond: 212Very Late Sun Shining On Joe Hay Rim and Into Big Empty: Pano 244Tiny Cracked Green Mud Running Through Cracked Red Mud: 258Dusty-red Tones Vary Across Cracked Mud Surface: 261Cracked Dusty-rose & Light Gray Mud in a Layer of Bush Rim: 264Cracked Light-Gray Mud Pattern on Layer of Bush Rim Slope: 265_HrzGradated Wash Of Red Over Light-gray: Cracked Mud 271Layer of Small Rocks in the Middle of Cracked, Dusty-rose MudRed-tailed Hawk Calling As It Soars Above Joe Hay RIm: 315Red-tailed Hawk Soars Above Joe Hay RIm Near Chicken Springs: 317Red-tailed Hawk Soars Above Joe Hay RIm Near Chicken Springs: 320Oregon Buttes from the Southeast. WInd River Mountains BehindWalking Toward The Honeycomb Buttes: 338_2PanWalking Toward The Honeycomb Buttes: 341Walking Toward The Honeycomb Buttes: 342One of the Honeycomb Buttes Melts Into the Desert Floor: 349_4PanOne of the Honeycomb Buttes Melts Into the Desert Floor: 353 View of a Steep Canyon From The Top of a Honeycomb Butte: 356_VertView of a Steep Canyon From The Top of a Honeycomb Butte: 358Two Rounded Buttes Shot  From on Top of A Lower Butte: 361_4PanHaving Lunch On Top of Honeycomb ButtesClose-up of Striking Strata on a Rounded ButteDiptych: Green-Gray & White Layers Capping a ButteGreen-Gray & White Layers Capping a Butte: 385_HrzGreen-Gray & White Layers Capping a Butte: 387_HrzHoneycomb Buttes Rise Above a Dry Canyon Bottom: 389_HrzHoneycomb Buttes Rise Above a Dry Canyon Bottom: 390_VertLeaving The Honeycomb Buttes: 410Leaving The Honeycomb Buttes: 417Four Wild Horses in a Small Band Near Red Lake and Chalk Butte: 4233 Wild Horses of a Small Band Near Red Lake and Chalk Butte: 4243 Wild Horses Begin to Run, Near Red Lake and Chalk Butte begin : 425Ferruginous Hawk Takes Flight from a Perch Near the Road

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