2003-08 Dead Dog Bicycle Classic Race, Laramie Wyoming Collection

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Photographs are from the 2003 thru 2008 Dead Dog Classic Races in Wyoming's Snowy Mountains, in the Vedauwoo area of the Laramie Mountains, and in downtown Laramie Wyoming. Each of the three races comprising the Dead Dog Classic are represented in these photos, including Road Races, Criteriums and Time Trials.

The Road Races took place in the Centennial Valley and Snowy Mountains, and because I'm a landscape photographer, I shot the Road Races as landscape photographs with cyclists as part of the overall landscapes they rode through. I shot the Criteriums and Time Trials to both visually explore the cyclists' speed and to document the racers themselves.

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Men Racers in a Hollow, Centennial Valley Beyond, 330628_01_23Blue FlaxCyclist and Gateway To SnowiesMen Racers Riding past Browns Peak, 2003Pro Men Racers Entering First Turn, 2004Men Racers thru Valley hogback S-Curve, 340626_025Firebird Lead Car thru Hogback S-Curve, 2004Racers Riding Past Snowy Mountain Lodge, 2004Men Racers Riding Past Browns Peak, 2004Racers & Lead Car, Sleet & Mountain_1, 2004Racers & Lead Car, Sleet & Mountain_2, 2004Closeup, Men Racers above Centennial, 350625_42Racers Passing PU Truck & Hay Bales, 360624_39_40Racers in Centennial Valley, Snowies, 360624_048Men Racers Nearing Town of Centennial, 360624_059Men Racers Nearing Town of Centennial, 360624_059Male Racers in Sowies, Zirkels Beyond, 360624_141Lone Racer Passing Snow Bank, Snowies, 360624_1544 Men Racers Passing Snow Bank, Snowies, 360624_156Racers Leaving Centennial Valley, 360624_194Men Racers, Hogback and Cattle, 370623_007Racers, Support up Hill in Centennial Valley, 370623_011Racers & Support up Hill, Centennial, 370623_014Racers, Support Down Hill, Centennial Valley, 370623_016Racers, Support crest Hill Centennial Valley, 370623_017Racers, Support Crest Hill Centennial Valley, 370623_019Racers, Lupin Flowers, Centennial Valley, 370623_028Racers Passing Snowy Mountain Lodge, 370623_038Racers Down Just Below Summit, Snowies, 370623_042Pano Racers on Summit, Snowies Behind, 370623_048Racers Past Lake Marie, MedBow, Old Main Peaks, 370623_059Racers Past Lk Marie, MedBow, Old Main Peaks, 370623_0636 Racers on Summit, Snowies Just Behind, 370623_069Racers heading East just past Centennial, 370623_071Racers Passing Lake Marie, Snowies, 370623_05Blurred Criterium Racers on 1st & Ivinson, 2003Women Racing Toward Crit Finish Line, 360624_015Close-up; Women Crit Racers Laramie, 360624_023Close-Up Men Crit Racers Toward Camera 2nd Street, 360624_028Racers in S-Curve, Criterium, Laramie, 360624_035Racers in S-Curve, Criterium, Laramie, 360624_036Racers on 1st Next to Tracks, from Above, 360624_055Racers, 1st Next to Tracks, from Above, 360624_059Racers Strung along 1st Street Close-up, 360624_065Woman Watching Racers Flash Past on 2nd, 360624_074Racers Flash Past RR Cars & One Way Sign, 360624_076Blurred Crit Racers, 2 Women Watching, 370624_012Racers Blur thru S-Curve Laramie, 370624_013Racers Blur thru S-Curve Laramie, 370624_014Racers Blur thru S-Curve Laramie, 370624_015Racers Blur thru S-Curve Laramie, 370624_016Racers Blur Into S-Curve Laramie, 370624_018Racers Ride Near S-Curve Laramie, 370624_027Racers Lean Into S-Curve Laramie, 370624_032Racers Lean Into S-Curve Laramie, 370624_040Racers Lean Into S-Curve Laramie, 370624_042Racers Blur thru S-Curve Laramie, 380629_003Racers Blur thru S-Curve Laramie, 380629_004Racers Blur thru S-Curve Laramie, 380629_008WomanWatches Racers Blur Past, 380629_011Racers Blur Past CrossCountry Connection, 380629_014Racers Blur Past Curiosity Shoppe, 380629_018Racers Blur Past Finish Line, 380629_024Racer Blurred in Time Trials, 380629_178Racer Blurred in Time Trials, 380629-179Racer Blurred in Time Trials, 380629_187Racer Blurred in Time Trials, 380629_198Racer Blurred in Time Trials, 380629_204Racer Blurred in Time Trials, 380629_206Racer Blurred in Time Trials, 380629_217Racer Blurred in Time Trials, 380629_222Racer Blurred in Time Trials, 380629_225Racer Blurred in Time Trials, 380629_234Racer Blurred in Time Trials, 380629_238Racer Blurred in Time Trials, 380629_240Racer Blurred in Time Trials, 380629_251

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