3-Days in Yellowstone, 2006 & 2008, Collection

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These photos are compiled from short, 3-day excursions to parts of Yellowstone National Park in August of both 2006 and 2008. Images include shots of numerous bison, Raven, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone Canyon, Lower Falls in Yellowstone Canyon, Lamar Valley, Hot Springs and Geysers, Old Faithful and Norris Geyser Basin,

Since both visits to the Park lasted only 3 days, I did my best to make the most of the short time I had. I'm quite satisfied with the results. The 2006 trip was while I was transitioning from film to digital. Consequently, the images are a mix of film and digital original photographs. The 2008 portfolio is 100% digital originals.

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Bison Bull with 2 Cows, in Steam near Yellowstone Lake, 153Bison Bull On the Yellowstone River, 165Pelican Floats the Yellowstone River Past a Geyser and Bison, 178Close-up of Yellowstone River\'s Pastel Cliffs with Trees, 192194 Yellowstone River Pastel Cliff Trees, 194Yellowstone Canyon, Lower Falls, Wide Lens, 200Fire Snags, Trunk Pattern, 249Porcelain Basin Geyser Triptych, 335Porcelain Basin Geysers & Steam Vents with Mount Holms, 366Porcelain Basin, Lots of Steam, 353Porcelain Basin Much Fog, 374Porcelain Basin, Bare Trees, 384Porcelain Basin Crackling Lake, Snags, 395Raven Talking Above Yellowstone River, 406Mammoth Hot Springs, Storm and Mount Everts, 380821_0013Bison Bull Guarding His Cow Lamar Valley, 380821_0199Shallow Prairie Valley, Small Conifer Grove, Lamar Valley, 380821_0407Rise & Shine Little Tree Swallows, 380821_0430Raven on Mammoth Terrace, Head Cocked, 380821_0523Lower Falls, Yellowstone Canyon 2008, 380821_0572Yellowstone Canyon, Vertical Panorama, 380821_0603Bison Bull Greeting Me, Close –up, 380821_0700Bison Bull In Fountain Flats Prairie, 380821_0706Great Fountain Geyser, 380821_0762Old Faithful Geyser Erupting, 380821_0995Grand Tetons and Snake River, 380821_1066

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